Hand Feeding Baby Parakeets

Hand Feeding Baby Parakeets

Handfeeding Baby Parakeets

These were the babies of our pet parakeets.

We chose to help the parakeet parents by taking the older baby parakeets out of their nest and taking on the responsibility of raising them.  It was challenging at first but once the babies got used to being fed by humans from a syringe, things got a lot easier and a lot more fun.

We fed these babies with the Baby Bird Handfeeding Formula.

There are few Handfeeding Formulas on the market.  We used “Kaytee” brand (just google it for details) which for whatever reason our baby birds liked the best.  I guess it tastes better and it is very nutritious.

Preparing the Formula is easy.  Powdered Baby Bird Formula + Hot water.  Mixing instructions and ratio can be found on the container of the formula. Once you made the formula, fill up your syringe and feed it to your baby birds.

It is also very important to feed the babies with the formula at the right temperature.  They can’t digest cold formula and that may cause something called:  “Sour Crop” which can be fetal if not treated by a vet.  And it is easier to prevent that by simply feeding your baby birds with formula at the right temperature.

After you’ve fed the baby birds, discard any unused formula and at the next feeding round, make fresh formula.

One more thing:  Baby birds need to be fed often and they do get hungry pretty fast, depending on how old they are.  Feeding instructions can be found on the baby bird handfeeding formula container.  Feed the babies until for sure you know that they can eat on their own.., and even then you can feed them with syringe couple times a day, to give them that little extra nutrition, which is vital to their growth and development.


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